Cleanroom Exhibition will be an appropriate business platform for all concerned sectors to present the materials, products, technology and services for the increasing demand of the facility managers and professionals who require “Cleanroom” in their facilities. We invite the concerned industries to establish new business contacts in this rapidly developing field and to take a place in the future-oriented market of Turkey.

ISTANBUL: an international hub for Cleanroom industry.
As one of the Megacities of the world, Istanbul is also known as the capital of economy of  Turkey and a very important international business point, located as a bridge from Europe to Near Asia and entire Middle East as well as the Eastern Mediterranean area. Thousands of huge industrial facilities including medicine, metal processing, heay industry, food processing etc.have been located in and around Istanbul and neighbouring provinces that create a  huge business volume for the suppliers of technology, equipment and solutions for Cleanroom applications. Moreover, private healthcare services recently became a very important sector in Istanbul giving considerable market opportunities to the concerned suppliers as well.

Cleanroom Istanbul Exhibition offers ideal business opportunities to make new business contacts and to meet the expanding industrial market of Turkey.

Cleanroom Istanbul Exhibition is:

> a business platform to meet industrial professionals and facility managers to establish new business relations,
> an information center of the innovative cleanroom technology with its wide range of exhibited products,
> a marketplace for new trends,
> an academic meeting point with an interesting and attractive accompanying programme to the professionals,
> not only an exhibition itself but also a network in the fields of; cleanroom technology, facility management, industrial maintenance and sustainability in facilities.
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Özet Bilgiler

23 July Tuesday

Ürün Grupları

23 July Tuesday

Hedef Kitle

23 July Tuesday

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