About Us

Akdeniz Tanıtım A.Ş. has been carrying out its activities in various industrial sectors on the subject of knowledge accumulation, researching of information, processing and presentation to sector users since 1993 with its activities in various fields. The main activities of the institute are sector fairs, broadcasting and database studies. Akdeniz Tanıtım A.Ş. has two working offices, one in Antalya and the other in Istanbul.

Akdeniz Tanıtım A.Ş.; in the building, design and construction sector, provides services with YapexBUSINESSYapexRESTORATION, InnDESIGN and CafeDESIGN organizations in Antalya; in the 'Life Sciences' sectors; Cleanroom Exhibition, PharmaNEXT, NutriVISION, Biotecnica(*) and Analytech(*) are organized in Istanbul.
(*) Akdeniz Tanıtım A.S. and Prosigma Tasarım companies are co-organizers of Biotecnica and Analytech.
Database and Knowledge Base services
Akdeniz Tanıtım A.Ş. Has a large Information Bank consisting of the institutions and organizations producing and servicing the sectors in which they operate and the professionals who are professionally active in these sectors. Sectoral databases which are continuously updated and updated constitute sector platforms in all Akdeniz Promotion Organizations.
CleanroomNEWS publications of Akdeniz Tanıtım A.Ş. & Prosigma Tanıtım, are the sector newspapers; It aims to serve sector experts by sharing academic information, current news, investments, projects, product and application technologies, user information and many other information in this area in the fields of "Life Science", "Cleanroom industry" and "Industrial maintenance technology".

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